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An Immersive Self-Nurturing Shiatsu “Retreat” – 8th -12th May 2024

“La Source”, Near Toulouse, France

With Suzanne Yates and Fran Robinson

This Blog post is written by Fran Robinson.

More information on the retreat

This Shiatsu Retreat is to give you the opportunity for time to just “be”; to stop and connect with your deeper self. To feel nourished, centred and deeply relaxed within your own Being. Imagine how it would be to give and receive Shiatsu from this place? 

We give so much to others in our Shiatsu practice or other work, to our families and relationships, but there is often little time to give to ourselves. This retreat will give you the space and time to come to a gentle stillness, with no pressure or anything to achieve. We will lead you through meditation, movement and time in nature so that you naturally enter a deeply embodied place. From this spaciousness you will explore new expressions of touch, unique to you, experiencing a deeper connection when giving and receiving shiatsu.  Your mind and body will have time to rest and renew.

This retreat was inspired by Suzanne whose teaching takes her all over Europe, sharing her profound knowledge of the Extraordinary Vessels. She realised that the element she does not have much time to teach is “just being” and finding your own expression of touch – meeting the energy between yourself and your client. Students need time and the right environment to gain a deeper experience. When Suzanne and I trained in 1980’s with Sonia Moriceau, we stayed in a wonderful centre on the border of Wales and England. Because it was residential, the training was as much about personal practice in nature as it was about learning shiatsu.

Sonia Moriceau

Sonia was a Zen practitioner before studying shiatsu and she combined meditation with mindful activities as a foundation for her style of shiatsu.  Her Zen training had not just been meditation but incorporated breathing, relaxing movement and play. It helped get us out of our thinking-mind and into our bodies. Once we were relaxed and centred we learned Shiatsu touch. Sonia taught meridians and how to work them, but the essence of our practice came from being centred in our own being, not learning theory.

Sonia Moriceau at the Orchard, Healing Shiatsu Education Centre
Sonia Moriceau at the Orchard, Healing Shiatsu Education Centre

On this retreat we want to share the foundation which is still at the core of our shiatsu practice. Now Suzanne has her own place where students can stay and be in nature for a few days. “La Source”, is Suzanne’s home and small residential centre, in beautiful countryside near Toulouse in France. 

We want to offer you an immersive experience of how we learned shiatsu touch. We are not planning to include much theory – you already have lots! – but instead aim to draw on your knowledge intuitively.

You will experience hara breathing and discover Zen movement while exploring the elements around the beautiful La Source. You will give and receive touch in the form of shiatsu, or not… just the way that feels right in the moment. From this place you will have the chance to experience your own shiatsu style in a new way.

There are a few places left on this retreat. So give yourself a break and join us at La Source in May. I look forward to meeting you there.

Fran Robinson – Biography

I graduated with Sonia Moriceau in 1986. Suzanne and I got to know each other during postgraduate studies but then our shiatsu paths diverged. I set up private practices first in London and 3 years later in rural Gloucestershire, in the West of England. I had trained in Psychosynthesis Psychotherapy while in London and did both shiatsu and counselling for a number of years with practices in various therapy centres in this part of England.  Apart from taking a few year out to look after my parents in Yorkshire, I have been working in Great Malvern and Ledbury (just over the hills) since then, although I am part-time now. I am married with 3 step-children and 5 small grandchildren. This is a great joy as I don’t have children of my own.

Fran teachers page

I have specialised in musculo- skeletal problems as well as supporting clients through times of change and emotional challenges. Shiatsu clients, needless to say, come with many and varied issues. My post-graduate work has been with Bill Palmer; Shiatsu College; Suzanne’s E.V courses; and I continue to explore New Energy Work with Cliff Andrews and E.V’s with Suzanne.

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