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Supporting you to enjoy the magical times of pregnancy and birth and getting to know your new baby and whatever cycle of your life you are in

All our practitioners work with anyone at any stage of their life, but also specialise in maternity work.

We have an online course for women at any stage of their life: Extraordinary Women's Cycles.

We want to support your well being in preparing for pregnancy, as well as during pregnancy, birth and getting to know your baby.

We have written a book for parents: Beautiful Birth.

If you would like a taster session of shiatsu or massage, you can look at our courses for practitioners as often there are free clinics there: contact us to book your space on a specific course clinic.

We would also encourage you to find a practitioner to work with you. Go to our Find a practitioner page to see if there is someone near to you

For tips to find the right person for you: might want to read our blog

Courses for parents

  • Private: Learn to give Shiatsu to a Friend/Partner
    Learn easy and effective touch based tools to release physical and emotional tensions.
    in person

  • Extraordinary women’s cycles
    harness your seasons of clearing, transformation, regeneration and manifestation at any stage of your life

Blogs on pregnancy massage

  • How to find the right maternity practitioner
    finding someone you trust to work with you
  • Pregnant woman in nature
    Benefits of Pregnancy massage: more than simply relaxation
  • Connecting with your baby and partner during pregnancy

Do you have a question about pregnancy massage or shiatsu? or how our approach can be relevant at any stage of life

Please get in touch to find out more

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