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Online Courses

Videos, audios, discussion forums, documents, quizzes, reflective assignments: learn theory, self development, practical skills.

You have life time access for the courses so you can watch the videos, listen to the audios, practice the exercises and take the quizzes as often as you like!

Some of these courses are for the public (women and parents) and others for professionals.

On line is a wonderful way, in some ways better than in person, to learn why and in what situations you can use your practical skills. You can work through the theory at your own pace and explore exercises and meditations to prepare you for the hands on work.

You also have the opportunity to discuss with Suzanne, the on line tutor, and other students on the course forum. For hands on skills and techniques, on line videos and support give you useful tools to start integrating new work into your practice and get feedback about relevant issues.

Professionals get a course completion certificate at the end which you can use for your CPD.

However, do remember, to fine tune your skills the best way is to have some face to face supervision to gain specific feedback of how YOU are connecting and using your body. If you like the practical work presented in the on line courses, I strongly recommend that you attend an in person course or arrange a personal supervision with me or a Wellmother teacher to take your work to the next level!

Parents, you might like to find a local Wellmother trained practitioner to support you in fine tuning your skills or if there is no one then I can offer individual on line sessions.

For now we have six on line courses, but we hope to add some new ones over the next few months: Supporting Pregnancy with shiatsu, massage and more, Postnatal support for mother and baby. Watch this space

Massage therapists
Midwives & doulas
Public & Parents
Shiatsu therapists
Spas & therapy centres