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Why take a pregnancy massage course with Wellmother?

The main focus of our work is supporting women in pregnancy. When you complete the Pregnancy massage course, you receive the Wellmother Diploma and can go on our register of practitioners and be part of our global network.

After you have finished your diploma you can continue with postnatal and birth courses, and maybe come to our Residential course which we run every couple of years.

You can also study some of our on line courses, supporting birth and postnatal work, as well as learning some shiatsu skills which include energy holds and working with acupuncture points. You don't have to know any shiatsu to start learning some skills with us.

Courses for massage therapists

  • pregnancy massage head baby connect
    Pregnancy Massage Course: London and Bristol 4 days
    support pregnant women and their babies in their pregnancy journey: physically, emotionally and spiritually
    in person

  • Supporting birth with massage, shiatsu and more
    Support women and their partners in preparing for birth and understand the implications of the birth experience for all clients

  • Parent baby exercise
    Infant Massage and Shiatsu
    support parents to connect with their baby through massage and shiatsu

Blogs on pregnancy massage

  • pregnancy massage head baby connect
    Why choose a Wellmother maternity massage course?
    support pregnant women and their babies, physically, emotionally, spiritually during this magical time
  • Pregnant woman in nature
    Benefits of Pregnancy massage: more than simply relaxation
  • Debunking the myths of massage in pregnancy

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