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How are you finding the Chinese year of the Black Rabbit? I hope you are finding your intuition, charm, sensitivity, fertility and creativity. I wrote a blog and have a video of my new year ceremony.  I am busy working on my new book. You can follow my progress if you sign up to my Substack newsletter. Rosa and I had an amazing women’s retreat in Portugal. It deepened our knowledge still more about  Women’s Extraordinary Cycles  an online course which we ran with live sessions in 2020.  One of my students, Kate, wrote a blog about a Residential course. The next course will be in August 2023.  This is only open to those who have already studied with Suzanne or another Wellmother teacher.

The English pages are for all the courses taught in English, wherever in the world! For more information on which courses are for you please visit the relevant Discover page.

Some of the Shiatsu practitioner courses are open to anyone; these are called the Foundation courses. Some you need to have already attended a Foundation course: these are usually called Modules and are part of the Wellmother Maternity Care Diploma course. Please go to Discover Shiatsu Practitioners for more information.

Courses taught in other languages are on the relevant language pages: so please navigate to your language. All the courses in French speaking countries are taught in French (Suzanne teaches in French). Courses in German speaking countries taught by Suzanne are in English with German translation (often by Alexandra or Johanna). The Italian courses are mostly taught by Alexandra in Italian. We all look forward to help you develop your skills and take your work to another level.

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