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Evening fire celebration at La Source retreat

Women’s Cycles of Blood

puberty, pregnancy, birth, postnatally and the menopause (maturessence) How our cycles are supported by the Penetrating Vessel of Chinese medicine…


The extraordinary power of the menstrual cycle – part one

a blue print for all life cycles, for men as well and women This blog is in three parts. In…

Morning movement at La Source retreat

Retreats at La Source

Here is a photo from the French practitioner retreat here at La Source, which finished a week ago today. This…


Happy new Chinese year of the Black Rabbit 2023

A year of good fortune and charm? What do you want to let go of from last year of the…

Sea and rocks

The Eight Extraordinary Vessels: a family of wholeness and connection

This was published in the Shiatsu Society Journal in February 2017 as a 2 part article. Here is part 1….

Fire with candles

Does your fire light you up or burn you out?

Written by Rosa Lia, massage therapist, yoga teacher and Wellmother associate. We will be teaching together on the June women’s…


Happy new year of the Yang Water Tiger – invite in your passion and purpose   

The beginning of a new year is an invitation to welcome in the new and let go of the old….

Que’est-ce que le shiatsu ?

Qu’est-ce que le shiatsu ? Dans ce blog, je vais explorer ce qu’est le shiatsu, comment il fonctionne et ce…

Emerging from confinement and on line shiatsu or massage sessions

Although some of us are emerging from our confinement, we are probably going to be gradually seeing more clients face…

Soutien pendant la période du Corona

A la fin il y a le texte d’une meditation que j’ai cree  Cette période pour la plupart d’entre nous,…