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One of my students sent this thoughtful and heart felt response to my last blog and I thought it would be lovely to share it.

A break from stress

The speed, stress and pressure, that people were under, got more and more. The possibility for them to get out of that rat race got less and less. Now there has been a full stop set almost from one day to the next. A Reset. A chance for change and breaking out of set patterns. People are at home with their families. They have time for each other. Having meals together. Nature is calm. It gets a chance to recover with less planes, no cruise ships. And people are faced with the moment, the here and now. And how to manage or structure themselves without their usual framework and routines.



Although I see a great percentage of people who cannot relax, due to their mindset. I personally know people who are now depressed and have family conflicts as they cannot handle the sudden change, extra time and new rhythm.

Obviously those working on the frontline do not get the breather that the rest of the population gets. They are the real heroes.

I like your reflection of the inward focus of the dynamic spring energy. I was noticing very strongly this winter, that people were hungry for rest, recover, calm. That deep quality of water energy. 

Since we had no winter, no snow, no cold temperatures there was not the chance at all for that inward movement and stillness. That energy in our biorhythm was missing entirely and people got very depleted.

It almost feels like as if nature is demanding this break from us now, as mankind would not stop otherwise. 

It is sad, that so many people suffer so severely from this virus. Let’s hope that it will change the world for the better afterwards. 

The year of the rat and a clean out

But when I read the chinese horoscope at the beginning of the year, I did not know, that it would translate into this drastic change, a clean out of the old energy of the last 12 years. Breaking old patterns for the new 12 year cycle with this first sign of the Chinese zodiac. The rat being agile, quick and flexible as well as inventive and creative, it demands from us quick adjustments, great flexibility and creativity to move into different directions and break our usual rut to survive and go forward.


It is a challenge to survive financially since we are not able to work anymore and have no income. But money is not everything in life. It is a great opportunity to invest time for our nearest and dearest  and also to invest time into myself

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