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Approach your birth with more confidence, knowing you and your partner are prepared to meet whatever happens. Welcome your baby into the world with your unique beautiful birth.

Would you like to create your own beautiful birth? Whether you are planning to be at home or hospital, in water or on land, natural or a planned Caesarean, it is your first birth or fourth, you have a partner or not, this course is for you.  It offers expectant mothers and their partners natural ways to create a more positive birth experience, whatever happens.

Find out how to use:

- massage and shiatsu



-birthing positions

-space and setting

The tools shown on this course support you during the end of pregnancy, preparing for whatever kind of birth you may experience. Many are also helpful after birth, in your life with your new baby.

This course complements the book, Beautiful Birth, written by Suzanne Yates.  It is largely audios and videos drawn from the content of the book, made especially by Suzanne. There are a few additional highlights not in the book: such as videos on “What is Shiatsu” and postnatal exercises with your baby. There is supporting text, so the on line course can be done without having the book, but having the book will add in extra material.


What is in the on line course?

Course includes two hours of videos of Suzanne teaching birth positions and techniques, and over an hour of audio visualisations for preparing for birth as well as supporting texts.

The course is set up with 5 main topics. Choose where you want to start and you can go back and forward between the topics. In each topic there is a mix of videos, audios and text documents.

Don’t forget that you can share ideas and ask for clarification on anything you are not sure about in the forum

  • Topic 1: Breathing and baby
  • You learn about the importance of breath and visualisation and some ideas of how to get started
  • Topic  2: Birth Positions
  • In this topic, you see how the different positions work in reality. You might want to spend some time with a partner practising them.
  • Topic 3: Massage and Shiatsu
  • In this topic you learn more about what shiatsu is and how you can use it during your pregnancy and birth.
  • Topic 4: Creating your beautiful birth
  • In this topic you focus on how you are going to use the tools you learnt in the first three topics (breathing & visualisation, shiatsu & massage and birth positions) during your birth itself.
  • Topic 5: Beyond birth
  • This topic is about understanding how all the tools you have learnt can be useful for the rest of your life!  We include some videos of postnatal exercises which can be done with your baby, on your own or with a partner.

Suzanne has been attending births and running birth preparation classes since 1990 when she set up Wellmother in Bristol. She has put together some of the highlights of these classes and the material of her book Beautiful Birth in some HD videos and audios, so you can learn with her in the comfort of your home.

Birth positions

Melissa’s waters suddenly broke at 35 weeks but the hospital let us try our Beautiful Birth approach: we took time to breathe together and I used some of the calming points.

Melissa started moving and this helped ease her pain and focus on Lucas’s birth and not on her fears. Making sounds helped Melissa with her breathing and to focus on her pelvis. I gave some pressure on her shoulders and on her sacrum.

This helped us feel involved with our son’s birth. We felt prepared and confident in our approach despite our fears and our birth was beautiful. We were able to take our son in our arms, skin to skin and feel joy and connection. I even used some points for helping the placenta come out.

Olivier Demouth


Birth preparation with my partner helped him find pressure points to press during my birth and other simple exercises which we both found useful.

My baby was back to back and slow to turn - the pain was very intense and overwhelming but shiatsu helped me feel more grounded and able to cope and to navigate the challenges of the post natal phase.

Rebecca Harley


Entrance Requirements

  • This course is open to anyone who would like to understand how to support a beautiful birth. It is aimed more at parents, but health professionals working with supporting clients preparing for birth and during birth will also find it useful.

Supporting material

Beautiful Birth

Suzanne Yates

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Approach your birth with more confidence, knowing you and your partner are prepared to meet whatever happens. Welcome your baby into the world with your unique beautiful birth.

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