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Helping us tap into the creative power and potential of our body on a profound level: the warp and weft of life tissue

Do you have clients coming to you with issues you don’t feel you are working with as effectively as you could be? Do you feel that there is some quality of connection you are not quite reaching? This may present especially with issues related to their fertility, sexuality, early childhood experiences. Learning to work with the Extraordinary Vessels will fill in these gaps in your work and transform the way you work with all clients. Living up to their name: they truly are Extraordinary! They help us tap into the creative power and potential of our body on a profound level. You will also discover their transformative effect on you personally as well.

These vessels are not so well known as the 12 channels but are relevant for all clients at all stages of their lives. They regulate fundamental energies, including our ancestral connections and why we are here, to our capacity to be present in each moment and experience the fullness of life as who we are. They are especially connected to our reproductive systems and our sexuality and to how we live through major transitions in life including death. Without them, we are missing out on tapping into fundamental aspects of our being.

We will learn about the whole group of the Extraordinary Vessels and embryological connections. We will then look at how to work each of the Eight Vessels.


What is in the on line course?

13 hours of course materials including 7 hours of videos. Certificate of completion is for 18 hours (to include minimum 5 hours of additional practice and reflection)

The “Transforming your work with the Extraordinary Vessels” course is set up with 8 lessons. In in each lesson, there is a mix of videos, audios and text documents. At the end of each lesson is either a quiz to check your learning or an assignment, which is either some practical work, or reflective piece. You can work through these topics and the assignments at your own pace and review any material as often as you want.

Life time access for the course and a certificate of completion which you can use for your CPD. This is for 18 hours.

Suzanne supports you during this course and you get feedback on your assignments from her. You can ask her questions at any time.

Overview of course

About 13 hours of course materials and activities including around 7 hours of videos of Suzanne teaching shiatsu exercises, practical shiatsu and theory and 2 half hours of audios of exercises, meditations and visualisations.

What is in each Lesson? 

Lesson 1: Introduction to the Extraordinary Vessels

You learn about the Eight Extraordinary Vessels, the two families (inner and outer), how they are different and related to the 12 channels. We will learn some theory and some exercises you can work with on your own or with clients.

Lesson 2: Links with embryology

You learn how understanding our early pre-embryological development helps you know more about the nature of the Extraordinary Vessels and how to work them.  You will watch videos on the theory and then explore some exercises developed by Suzanne, to connect with different embryological spaces. By working with them we have access to support a client in connecting with their potential: which is the gift of those first few weeks

Lesson 3: ideas of how to work all connections: whole family 

You learn some ideas of how to work with the Extraordinary Vessels. You will learn ways to work them as a whole group through putting into practice your understanding of the previous lesson and work with the embryological spaces and off the body work. You will also learn the regulating points of the vessels and their organ connections. You will have some specific ideas of working with Governing Vessel and Conception Vessel and a meditation to support this work.

Lesson 4: Penetrating Vessel: Chong Mai  

You learn more about the Penetrating Vessel  (Chong Mai)  its qualities, its points and pathway and why we might want to work it and some ideas of how to work it along with a visualisation to help you connect more deeply with it.

Lesson 5: Girdle Vessel: Dai Mai

You learn more about the Girdle Vessel  its qualities, its points and pathway and why we might want to work it and some ideas of how to work it along with a visualisation to help you connect more deeply with it.

Lesson 6: Yin and Yang Stepping Vessels: Qiao Mai

You learn about the pair of the Stepping Vessels, some exercises and how to work them.

Lesson 7: Yin and Yang Linking Vessels: Wei Mai

You learn about the pair of the Linking Vessels, some exercises and how to work them.

Lesson 8: How to integrate Extraordinary vessels into your work

You will have some more ideas about how you might start integrating the Extraordinary Vessels into your work such as when to work the first or second group, how to integrate with the 12 channels, and working with specific situations such as female issues, the elderly, male clients and so on.

At last an online course about the Extraordinary vessels. I love the detail of the explanations. The videos have accompanying text, followed by audio exercises all useful for learning and consolidation. There are quizzes at the end to test your progress accessed by completing all the lessons, so no skipping them! The topics range from embryology, family connections, techniques and their application with your clients. I particularly enjoy the meditations as they complement the work I do and my qigong. Whether you're new to this course or a refresher looking to fill in the gaps, there's a lot on this course to feed your mind and improve your therapeutic practice. Having attended Suzanne's maternity, labour and postnatal in-class courses, I am really happy I can use this online resource to help me in my work. Thank you.

Vennetta Royal

Shiatsu Practitioner

More detail on course

Suzanne has been working with the Extraordinary Vessels since the late 90’s when she felt something was missing in her work with pregnant clients. Over the past 20 years she has been studying them with all clients and more recently has been understanding them through studying embryology. She integrates work with them in all her courses. You can view some of her articles in the blog.

This course is a great foundation if you want to do any in person courses with Suzanne or if you have done the Shiatsu foundation on line course and want to learn more about the Extraordinary Vessels

Videos, audios, forums, documents, quizzes, reflective assignments: on line is a wonderful way, in some ways better than in person, to learn why and in what situations you can use your practical skills. You can work through the theory at your own pace and explore exercises and meditations to prepare you for hands on work. Discuss with Suzanne and other students on the course forum. For hands on skills and techniques, on line videos and support give you useful tools to start integrating new work into your practice and get feedback about relevant issues. However, do remember, to fine tune your skills the best way is to have some face to face supervision to gain specific feedback of how YOU are connecting and using your body. If you like the practical work presented in the on line courses, I strongly recommend that you attend an in person course or arrange a personal supervision with me or a Wellmother teacher to take your work to the next level!

I loved this course. Suzanne clearly has a great depth of knowledge and experience, that she communicates clearly, when you watch the videos.

The course is easy to follow. The graphics are great. It's clear, informative and you can flip backwards and forwards easily, if like me, you don't learn in straight lines. It's an inspiring resource I can keep going back to.

Shuddhabha Lannen

Shiatsu Practitioner

Entrance Requirements

  • Primarily for shiatsu therapists and acupuncturists, and bodyworkers who have an understanding of Chinese medicine. If you don’t have any knowledge of Chinese medicine, you can do this course after you have done the “Shiatsu foundation” on line course or attended another course with Suzanne

  • Depending on your profession and your employment status, you need appropriate insurance if you want to put the skills into practice. Wellmother can support you in supplying relevant certificates of attendance and course syllabus


£165 - lifetime access for online materials includes 13 hours of course materials ( 7 hours of videos) with certificate issued for 18 hours study to include 5 hours of practice.

If you have already attended 4 days of Extraordinary Vessels course in person, then you can email me for a 50% discount code off.

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transform the way you work with all clients and learn powerful tools for yourself too!

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