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Tap into your creative power as a woman during the different stages of your life cycles

Use the ancient Chinese wisdom of the Extraordinary Vessels to access the power of the gateways of puberty, conception, birth, mothering and the menopause

Harness the power of the different phases of your menstrual cycle - clearing, transforming, regenerating and manifesting to support you during any stage of your life

These powerful vessels connect us with the deepest energies in our bodies enabling us to access our inner wisdom and the support of our ancestors. We can use them to journey within to access our potential. During these uncertain times, accessing our potential and trusting in our cycles of life is even more important than ever.

They link directly to our womb and open up gateways within our body where we can clear through many levels of our being. You are guided to connect with them safely, wherever you are at in your life, so that you can gain access to previously hidden levels of knowledge within you. This gives an opportunity to clear ancient and ancestral wounds.

You will learn how to care for and appreciate your amazing body and the knowledge it holds through breathing, visualisations, guided intuitive movement (qi gong and yoga inspired), self acupressure (shiatsu and supportive touch) and creative journaling/activities.

For women in all stages of life who would like to

  • harness your creative power
  • feel more radiant and alive
  • be more confident in your body
  • tune into your monthly cycles
  • conceive a child or project
  • enjoy your pregnancy
  • have a beautiful birth
  • connect with mothering in its many expressions
  • celebrate not endure your menopause
  • understand or support women better

It’s also for you if you feel 

  • lacking in creativity or life force
  • at the mercy of your hormones – PMS, hot flushes
  • that your monthly bleed is a painful inconvenience
  • despairing of trying to conceive
  • frustrated in your sexual expression
  • deep grief in your body after miscarriage or a difficult birth
  • stuck in past relationships and patterns

In this video I introduce you briefly to some of the connections we will be exploring in our bodies. Find a comfortable position to sit quietly for a couple of minutes to tune in.

What is in this Extraordinary Women’s Cycles on line course?

The course is set up with 8 Phases.

In the online course there is a mix of pre recorded videos, audio clips and text documents. This is about X hours of material and you have life time access. Here you can go back and forward between the phases on your own as you wish.

When I run the course with the live sessions, it is run over 8 weeks with sessions lasting one and half hours in which Suzanne gives an overview of each phase with some exercises and time for sharing. We start with Phase 1: “Tuning In” and end with Phase 8: “Gathering in your Wisdom”.

1:"Tuning in" - setting your intentions

We begin with where you are at now and how you feel you could harness your energy more fully. We focus on how the Stepping Vessels help us adapt to changes and be more fully present in our body. By understanding the energies of our core organs (brain, heart, womb and kidneys) we access deeply held patterns and how to receive the strength of our ancestors, whatever they have lived through.

2:"Clearing Out" - how  much are you able to let you of what you no longer need?

Before you can begin to fully harness your energy and create a new “mistress piece” , you need to clear out stuck energies, thoughts and emotional patterns to create a space from which creation arises.

This is the initiation into the power of the releasing phase of your menstrual cycle around your bleeding time. This is especially important after the menopause when you no longer have the physical support of the bleeding.

Letting go is part of the energy of birthing a baby or a project, and grief may accompany this. We learn how to safely open up your powerful Girdle Vessel to only release what you are ready to. As you release you are ready to allow in the new.

3:"Visioning"- who/what do I want to invite into my life?

This is the openness as we deepen into our bleeding and new eggs start to mature. We have the possibility of creating new life, or a new project: birth and death are intertwined. It is chance to reflect on where we want to be.

Here we work with the openness of our centre line between our perineum and brain. This is the energy of Conception and Governing Vessels: spinning wheels like the chakras. They invite a connection to the whole universe: anything is possible.

4: “Connecting with your maiden energies “- a new potential

From the openness we can unravel old patterns held in the tissue of our body. Reconnect with your innocent and playful child before you first expressed your sexuality. Connect anew with your first bleed and sexual rites of passage.

We play with the Linking Vessels which invite spaciousness in the tissue of our body, releasing us from stuck patterns. It is part of the process of entering back to earth, bringing our vision into a renewed body.

5:"Regeneration"- nurturing the seed

Once we have opened out to our vision, we need to gather ourselves back in and regenerate our energies so we can nurture our new seed.

This is the post menstrual phase or the building up after any exertion, including giving birth. In the menopause it is about learning how to put our needs first.

Gathering in is like drawing a cloak around us. The Penetrating and Linking Vessels gather back in our womb and heart and help close back our Girdle Vessel. Then we can anchor back to the earth and allow ourselves to be nourished by her with Yin (earth, inner) nourishing practices.

6:"Manifestation"- inner birthing of the seed/dream and opening to receive

As our vision becomes more real and connected to the earth, we are ready to open to the outer world and show ourselves for who we are.

This is ovulation when we release our egg. It is a time of birthing our potential and inviting others to share and support us in our vision at any stage of our life.

We support ourselves by feeling an opening of our heart and womb to others. We learn how the spaciousness of the Yin and Yang Linking Vessels support this opening up of the Girdle and Penetrating Vessels.

7: “Mothering ourselves and our dreams" - Filling up our nest

We start filling up our body to nurture our dream/new life. How much are we able to navigate between our inner and outer worlds while nourishing ourselves? We explore our deep compassion to ourselves and the power of unconditional love.

This is the energy of early pregnancy which menstruating women experience each month for the 10 to 12 days after ovulation. We mother our dreams, which if we are not pregnant is ourselves!

We explore our expression of mothering (not necessarily linked with having children) and our relationship with our mother by deepening our understanding of the Penetrating Vessel: the powerful Vessel of bonding, Blood and the ancestral line.

8:"Gathering in and celebrating our wisdom "- accessing the energy of all the phases and freedom to move between them at will

This is the energy of the menopause but is essentially how we harness the power of all energies to nurture ourselves. We don’t have to wait for our menopause to be able to do this! It is a time of integration, which we tend to forget about. It is the time to celebrate our harvest and our new experience of our full potential.

We reflect on what we have learnt over this course. We re connect with our 4 core organs of the womb, heart, kidneys and brain, understanding them in a different way. How much have we changed from when we first tuned in to the Vessels? How can we integrate all this knowledge into our lives?


What is included in the on line course?

  • Life time access to an online platform, where you can access pre-recorded videos, audio clips, and written resources, at any time, to support you in your journey of exploration. This is about 19 hours of material and includes 7 hours of zoom of first live session held summer 20. In total 11 hours of videos and 5 hours of audios.
  • Personalized feed back from Suzanne through emails
  • A private fb group where you can be supported by other women doing the course
  • Certificate upon completion

In the live version you get

  • Eight Weekly live online sessions of one and half hours each with Suzanne Yates. During these Suzanne focuses on one of the phases presenting its potential and going through exercises and visualisations. You can also ask questions.
  • If you can’t attend all the live sessions you will get a recording. These are available for 2 months after the course.

Suzanne Yates - your main tutor

Suzanne’s draws on her work as a massage and shiatsu practitioner, blending western and eastern ways of viewing the body. Suzanne has practised yoga since she was 15 and integrates yoga and Qi gong approaches into her work. She first discovered the Extraordinary Vessels when she became pregnant with her daughter Rosa, 30 years ago. During her pregnancy she trained as a pre and postnatal exercise teacher and set up Wellmother in 1990 to support the wisdom of parents and babies. Now she understands how this wisdom is with us through all our cycles of our life.

Rosa is a yoga teacher and massage therapist and is supporting Suzanne to develop this course. Suzanne’s son Bram filmed and edited most of the videos.

“I specialised in maternity work for many years, and as more women began having difficulty conceiving I become more aware of the importance of the menstrual cycle. As I worked with it, I realised that its different phases express different aspects of our being which are not only limited to that phase in the menstrual cycle. We can tap into them at any time of our life. As I journeyed through my own menopause, and began to support more clients at that stage of their life, I realised that the peri-menopause offers us the opportunity to more freely move between the phases and that after the menopause we have the potential to more easily access the potential all of the different phases.”

For more information on Suzanne

Why are the Extraordinary Vessels relevant for me?

The Extraordinary Vessels are powerful meridians of Chinese medicine, connecting you with the deepest levels of your being and giving you access to your creative potential. They are the gatekeepers of the different stages of our life: conception, birth, puberty, sexuality, having children, the menopause and death. If anything gets stuck in the gateways they can help us clear them, even years later. They are closely linked with our hormonal and nervous systems and the chakras.

We will connect with how they change during the different phases of the menstrual cycle and experience how these different phases are relevant at any time of our life: pre puberty, pregnancy, after birth and the menopause. Wherever we are at in our life we can still harness the power of these different seasons.


This extraordinary women's cycles course was particularly touching for me. I have done lots of personal development work, such as counselling, body therapy,  psychotherapy, energetic work, but I have never connected with my womb in such a loving way.

I felt you held the space in a way that valued my womb, my femininity, my sexuality and made me aware of my female power in a way I had not experienced before.

It was like the permission to truly give birth to my real self!

Thank you so much Suzanne.

Brigitte Markl

Shiatsu Practitioner and Personal Development Coach

I attended Suzanne’s course on Fertility, it felt like a real gift to myself. I loved the deep connection to my menstrual cycles. I had a better energetic understanding of the different phases and what exercises can support my energy.

 The gentle and powerful visualizations were profound, the Heart-Uterus connection supported me in finding peace with the grief of my miscarriages.

Vanessa Joubin

Shiatsu Practitioner

Though my understanding of Chinese Medicine theory is basic, I love Suzanne’s work. From studying with her, I’ve developed a more subtle understanding of energy and how it moves towards healing. The exercises for the Extraordinary Vessels have given me access to a deep understand of my own energy and needs, as well as the way I witness and hold my clients. Her instruction is clear, accessible and ultimately affirms my intuition and authority. As I arrive past the menopause gateway and into Second Spring, the understanding of the cycles has never been more vivid or important.

Kate Codrington

Menopause mentor and facilitator

Self-discovery is the greatest wisdom and Suzanne’s guidance fosters our own ability to feel empowered by that.
The work permeated into my core and expressed in my outer world. An extremely powerful qi gong movement formed through me and my experiences that I am slowly integrating into my soul– I am eternally grateful. I felt like I gave birth to so many fresh and abundant ideas - as if the Extraordinary Vessels are teaching us themselves. Profound and extraordinary indeed.
Thank you Suzanne - a jewel in the Corona

Karen Durham



I was delighted with the deepness of the simplicity we lived together. I found it nourishing to get the themes before so we could already tune in energetically. The videos Suzanne made for the movements and meditations were clear with nice music. They are settling and calming because some of them were outside. You are encouraged to touch and explore yourself so it is really deep. We got enough space to share our feelings, what is going on in our cycle with the group or personally with Suzanne.

It was amazing how connected we all felt.

Veronique van Outrive

Entrance Requirements

  • Open to anyone who would like to understand more about their cycles as a woman. It is primarily to support your own personal journey at any stage of your life. It may also be of benefit to anyone working with women. You don’t need to know anything about the Extraordinary Vessels or shiatsu, but if you do, you will be opened to a new perspective.


£108 for online course materials, lifetime access. This is 19 hours of online course material, including 7 hours of videos of the live sessions held summer 20. In total 11 hours of videos and 5 hours of audios.
Option to ugrade to live sessions which will probably be summer 2021 (probably £65 for 8 live online sessions)
If you are interestesd in a future live version, please register your interest.

Apply for course Register your interest for the next live version of the course If you attended the summer 20 course, you can sign up here for the Deepening version in January 2021