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Thank you for those of you attended my book launch events in November 17. For those of you who missed them,  I have organised some February events in London and Bristol

Massage and shiatsu for birth preparation with book signing and talk

a birth preparation workshop open to all, parents, midwives and others working with birth support

Book your place for the London event on Thursday 8th February 18h00 – 20h00 at EffraSpace SW2 1PS  here

Book your place for the Bristol event Sunday 11th  at 14h30 as part of a Pregnancy Day event,  to support the Birth and Wellbeing fund  (more details shortly!)

‘Mother Hygge’, at The Old Rectory Clinic,  High Street, Iron Acton, South Gloucestershire BS37 9UQ


Beautiful Birth

Events to celebrate the reprinting of my book for birth preparation for parents, “Beautiful Birth” (for more information about the book see the blog post) by Pinter and Martin on 2nd November 2017.


Workshops and talks: more information

Experience birth preparation workshop: this is the main focus of the London event

You don’t have to be pregnant! What we learn is great for anyone.

I love presenting the material of Beautiful Birth in a practical way and often work with therapists, midwives, shiatsu practitioners and massage therapists.  They enjoy and benefit from the movement preparing to give the massage and shiatsu and from giving and receiving it.

Everyone is welcome. You can choose to come alone or with a partner.  If you come alone we will pair you up with someone!

You will learn:

  • Breathing and movements to support your body and prepare to give massage/shiatsu
  • Some shiatsu techniques to release tightness in the lower back and shoulders and some calming points in the hands and feet
  • Relaxation and visualisation

© Jules Selmes Beautiful Birth

Learn: book signing

Suzanne will present the material in the book and answer any questions.

© Jules Selmes


Photos from Bristol event November 17


The Birth & Wellbeing Fund Registered charity number 1168526

The Birth & Wellbeing Partnership and Fund provides massage, counselling and wellbeing care to women, partners & maternity staff, supporting positive experiences of pregnancy, birth & new parenthood. ​

Claire Nutt and Nichola Gascoigne founded ‘The Birth & Wellbeing Fund’ as a small charity to enable heavily subsidised, low cost support to those who would otherwise not be able to afford these private services, or who have been referred by healthcare professionals, women-focused, perinatal charities and local agencies due to a recognised need for urgent support.

Whilst we are founded on massage and talking therapy promoting wellbeing and positive health, we can offer specialist support for women & partners who are experiencing mental health difficulties, bereavement, difficult diagnosis in pregnancy, parents of premature and unwell babies, those who have experienced birth trauma, pregnancy following stillbirth and those experiencing multiple miscarriage. We understand that every journey is unique, and approach our care-giving from a combined body mind perspective, incorporating psychological, physical and emotional wellbeing of women, their infants and their family.

Our charity commission statement;

The Birth & Wellbeing Fund’s charitable objectives:

The promotion of health and wellbeing for the public benefit in particular by providing funds and training towards physical and psychological support (including massage therapy, counselling and appropriate one to one therapies, group workshops and educational events) for women, their partners and maternity staff struggling with issues around pregnancy, birth and new parenthood who otherwise would not be financially able to access this support.


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