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For expectant mothers seeking natural ways to create a more positive birth.

Beautiful Birth was out of print for a while but I am happy to announce that it is back in print 2nd November 2017.

You can pre-order it

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Approach your birth with more confidence, knowing you and your partner are prepared to meet whatever happens. Welcome your baby into the world with your unique beautiful birth.

Suzanne Yates has worked with pregnancy and birth since 1990 and shares her experience and tools for women and their partners. Find out how to use:
– massage and shiatsu
-birthing positions
-space and setting

This book is for hospital births and home births, vaginal or cesarean, first time mothers and mothers who have given birth before.

Your journey through birth is a journey in which you’ll learn more about yourself than you ever could have imagined.

Pinter and Martin: ISBN 978-1-78066-450-7 £12.99

In many western societies, preparation for birth is often marked by fear and anxiety. Pregnant women are regarded as patients and are ill prepared, physically and emotionally, for the experience ahead. But almost all babies are born to well women and birth is a natural process with which a woman’s body is designed to cope. Certain “tools” can transform your experience of birth, helping to ease pain and make labour and delivery more bearable. These techniques can be learnt and practised at home to help to put you in touch with your body and your baby. Even if medical intervention is required, they can help make the birth a more positive experience.

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Milli Hill: Positive Birth movement: “A fantastic book, filled with practical resources for women and their partners to use during labour and birth.”


Mark Harris male midwife, Birthing for Blokes:   ‘any book, video learning program or workshop that encourages a man to seek out opportunities to connect deeply with his pregnant partner is to be commended. Suzanne Yates has written such a book ‘Beautiful Birth’. With step by step instructions, using delightful images, she has made it simple for a couple to experience their sense of being together deepen throughout the pregnancy and the coming birth. I can recommend this book’.

Alice Lyon Community Midwife for 25 years

This is a great book for Mums to be who want to explore natural methods of birth. I particularly liked the “baby breath hug” a visualisation of hugging your baby.  The main message is believe in yourself.  Nice inclusion for greeting your baby and some baby massage techniques. A useful “go to” book for massage, visualisation birth positions, simple shiatsu and exercises to try for labour.

Massage therapist:

Beccy Hands:Massage therapist and owner of the Mother Box

I have a few copies of this book and I use it with every couple I work with! It is really easy to read, which some practical birth books are not. I find it helps give couples some tools to use during birth together, bringing them strength as a team and creating a sense of confidence. I love it!


Parents Seraya and Paul Norton, Bristol : fourth baby for Seraya, third was c-sec due to complications with baby (first two tricky and complicated but were vaginal births, 10 years ago!)


“As a Father, when your Pregnant wife is in pain, you can sometimes feel nothing more than a bit useless. The techniques that Suzanne taught us really helped me to give my wife some relief during the pregnancy and the birth. The natural pressure points allowed my wife to feel some comfort during a challenging pregnancy where her back and hip area were giving her constant discomfort. Then during the birth, having these tricks allowed me to be a part of her pain relief and the experience. Would whole heartedly recommend these techniques & this book to other couples who have uncomfortable pregnancies. Plenty of choice, so we were able to choose those that worked for us.”


During the later stages of pregnancy we used the techniques almost daily. It was such a huge help at relieving my pain. As well as that though it was wonderful to have the physical contact with Paul, it brought us closer together after a very testing 6 months!

We were doing pressure points right up to hours before labour began. Ones to help induce naturally and ones for pain!

I had the fear of having another c sec. I was told I could only be in established labour for 6 hours or I would have to have another Caesarean. I was only 3 cm (when I arrived in hospital) but went from that to holding a baby in my arms in just over 6 hours!

During labour I didn’t really want to be touched! But I still continued with exercises on the ball you showed me (right up to minutes before I was to push!) and used the nausea pressure points as at one point it started taking over.

It was such a calm and beautiful experience. We can’t thank you enough! I’m so pleased to have had  Savanna naturally. It was everything I wanted.

Parents:  Olivier and Melissa Demouth, France


Melissa’s waters suddenly broke at 35 weeks and we were worried about our son and not being able to have a natural birth. Fortunately the hospital let us try our Beautiful Birth approach. Melissa was trembling so we took time to breathe together and I used some of the calming points. Melissa started moving and this helped ease her pain and focus on Lucas’s birth and not on her fears. Making sounds helped Melissa with her breathing and to focus on her pelvis. I gave some pressure on her shoulders and on her sacrum.

This helped us feel involved with our son’s birth. We felt prepared and confident in our approach despite our fears and our birth was beautiful. We were able to take our son in our arms, skin to skin and feel joy and connection. I even used some points for helping the placenta come out.

A practical guide to preparing body and mind for birth

Provides the “tools” – touch, breathing, visualizations, postures and physical preparation – to ease pain and promote progress

  • Easy to learn and practise at home with a birth partner
  • Suitable for all types of deliveries
  • Ensures you work with your body and your baby
  • Enables you to record your preferences for use in the delivery room

Buy Beautiful Birth book on Amazon UK

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