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Retreat in Uruguay March 20-25 2015

I am pleased to announce that I have just planned my next Residential. It will be in Uruguay and it will be run with another shiatsu teacher: Uruguayan Diego Sanchez.

For some time now, people have been asking me to teach more about the relevance of the Extraordinary vessels for men as well as women. I work with male clients using Extraordinary vessels and I have some male students in my classes, but, as a woman, I felt I didn’t really want to teach too much about the Extraordinary vessels  for male health as I felt it was more appropriate to explore that with a male teacher. Now I have the opportunity to develop a broader aspect of my work with the Extraordinary vessels.

During the retreat, I will be exploring the aspects of the Extraordinary vessels in relation to how we come into being and Diego will be exploring this theme through his work with the root chakra.

So we welcome you to come and share with us how you came into being and to bring this awareness into your shiatsu work! This retreat is aimed at Shiatsu practitioners: male and female!

You might also want to take the opportunity to stay on before or after the retreat and enjoy the lovely natural spaces in Uruaguay, or other neighbouring countries. You might to surf,  or even learn Argentinian Tango. There are lots of possibilities!

During the retreat, we will be integrating personal journeying into our shiatsu practice and learning the map that Nature uses to organize the energy behind the conception of a new being through the Extraordinary Meridians and the movement of the Chakras.

Using a variety of exercises and meditations to connect with your own personal journey, we will explore inner and outer spaces of how we come into being on this earth and then integrate this understanding into our shiatsu practice.

As the retreat is by the beach, we will have plenty of opportunity to work outside. We will be supported by the ocean to connect with the watery, fluid energy of our Essence (Jing), ancestral energy and the spaciousness of our development in the water of the amniotic fluid of the womb. We will then explore how we find our connection to the Earth. A Fire ceremony will help us integrate our connection to our Fire, our Shen, and making our individual journey on the Earth. These experiences will be integrated into our shiatsu practice and lots of time will be spent exploring the expressions of these energies in the Extraordinary vessels and root chakra in paired work.

The workshop will be jointly facilitated by me, Suzanne Yates with Diego Sanchez. It will be primarily taught in English, but both Suzanne and Diego speak Spanish and Italian, and Suzanne teaches regularly in French.

Suzanne brings her experience of working with parents pre conception and through the journeys of pregnancy and birth and connecting with their baby. Through this work, she developed her understanding of the Extraordinary vessels in shiatsu which she now finds is of relevance to all her clients. These vessels offer a way back to the potential of our energy.

Diego brings his experience of working with trauma and survival. His work includes working at Ground Zero, and in hospitals with patients undergoing open heart surgery, with cancer, AIDS and at the end of their lives. He includes in his approach work with the base chakra and connecting with the spiritual forces that shape our existence through Qi Gong exercises and the cosmology of being.

The Flower Of The Fetus

The retreat will be held by the ocean in Ohana House with spectacular views, first rate accommodation, healthy meals, near a sea-lion reserve where dolphins, whales and amazing birds can be watched in season.

The price of the retreat GBP1100/ €1350 /US$1850 includes accommodation (double or triple occupancy), all meals, classes, transport from Montevideo to La Pedrera and back, and a trip to Cabo Polonio’s sea lion reserve. It does not include air fare. For flights, please check from your destination to Montevideo, Uruguay. Alternatively, you can fly to Buenos Aires and cross over to Montevideo or Punta del Este airports in Uruguay (just a 30 minute flight).

Book your place now and for more information on Diego and La Pedrera visit his website

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