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Beautiful birth

creating your beautiful birth experience

Usually completed in there are over 4 hours of activities but do little and often!

Creating your beautiful birth

Course includes over 2 hours of video and over an hour of audio

Introduction to course

Welcome to the course. I hope you enjoying learning with me, Suzanne Yates, founder of Wellmother and author of the book which accompanies this course: “Beautiful Birth”.

Don’t forget you can ask for clarification of anything or discuss with me and other students in the comments section at the end of this page. This is accessed in each lesson by scrolling down to the end of the page. It is also on this page. Try it now!

I hope this course inspires you to spend time with your birth partner, preparing for your baby’s birth, as well as having some ideas for afterwards. Practising the breathing, visualisations, birth positions, massage and shiatsu is great for your partner to do as well as you. They are life skills which can be adapted to suit different situations. It is especially important for the partner to receiving some massage as most people today have some kind of tension in their body which can benefit from massage, from shoulder tension to backache. It can also be simply relaxing and enjoyable to receive.

If you are a single parent, it is important to find people who can support you: the term partner, simply means someone you are working with and getting support from.

And let’s not forgot the baby: spending time using these skills is a lot about spending time getting to know your baby.


First exercise:

How would you like your birth to be if you could chose? Spend some time with your partner and have some initial ideas of what you would like. Come back to this at the end of the course and compare if anything has changed.

Each of you could do this and compare your two versions.

I refer to stages of labour through the different exercises: if you are not sure what stages of labour relate to, go first to that section in lesson 4.

How the course is structured:

The course is set up with 5 lessons. Choose where you want to start and you can go back and forward between the topics. In each lesson there a mix of topics: videos, audios and text documents.

Don’t forget that you can share ideas and ask for clarification on anything you are not sure about in the forum

Supporting material 

Beautiful birth book

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