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Why do I want to take part in the postnatal massage course?

It is a period in women’s life when they tend to neglect themselves in favour of looking after their baby. It is important to remember that in order to support a baby, women need to look after themselves. Often women who may have received pregnancy massage may not find it so easy to continue but it is a vital time to continue to receive massage.  The postnatal period is just as vital as the pregnancy period and lays the foundations for the women’s health (physical and emotional) for the rest of her life. It is also a crucial time to support the family relationships.

It also links in well with working with babies and young children. This can be a useful other skill to have with your maternity massage qualifications.

A review of the postnatal course by Lizzie Ruffell (massage therapist)

Before doing the post-natal massage course with Suzanne and Well Mother, I had only a basic understanding of the needs of the post-natal woman from a massage point of view as learned on the pregnancy course. The work that I had been doing with these women was very simple and I felt cautious about doing the massage especially in the very early post-natal period.

Doing the post-natal massage course has given me confidence and a whole new raft of skills, tools and understanding about the post-natal period. I am no longer giving just ‘relaxing’ treatments to these new Mums, but am now working in a much deeper way to help them with some of the common issues that crop up in these first weeks and months, including doing specific abdominal and breast work, work to help realign the spine and pelvis and recommending suitable exercises.

We also covered how to carry on working around the needs of the baby, something I had always found difficult. The feedback I have had from my post-natal clients has been fantastic and they have been very grateful for the help and changes they have experienced after receiving treatment.

I would highly recommend that any who works with or would like to work with post-natal women do this course – you and they, will have no regrets!

postnatal shiatsu for mother

How do I decide which is the best postnatal  massage course to do?

What content to look for

  • Anatomy and physiology: how much depth is this covered in. What support and resources are  offered to support you in your learning process.
  • Relevant coverage of eastern theory if doing a course which integrates some work with acupressure points
  • Overview of medical care offered in country and any issues arising from that: how to make links with midwifery and obstetric care: primary care giver awareness of issues
  • Pre and post course reading and research: how much expected?
  • case study work required?
  • Supervised practice working with postnatal women: what opportunities?
  • Opportunities for self reflection: how do you integrate the new skills into your practice?
  • Support for setting up maternity practice: what support are you given after the course to help you build your practice?

Course reputation

  • Is recognised by any relevant accrediting organisation?
  • Is it recognised in the community?
  • Feedback from other participants
  • How many participants working in maternity field?
  • What opportunities are there for consolidating your knowledge once you have done the course?Post-natal Massage course review



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