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Happy new Chinese year.

The Chinese New Year arrived on Sunday (10th) and we are now into the Water Snake year.

This means we have gone from the Water dragon, a Yang Fire creature year to a Yin Fire Creature year. What does this mean? I asked for thoughts from you in my last newsletter and

Lucy wrote that she finds the Snake is  “ Like the Dragon but without the Fire breath”

What does the Snake represent?

A snake is a creature of  beauty and wisdom: languid and serene but mentally alert.  Contrast her with the more dramatic and quicker moving Yang Fire Dragon: who in Chinese myth is represented as a serpentine creature and, in Greek traditions, with wings.  Snake and Dragon are closely related however the Snake is a slower moving creature and connected to the earth (Yin).  In Greek mythology the Snake was also regarded as a chthonic (earthbound) creature. Dragon has a more fiery outwardly expressive creativity, whereas the Snake tends to be more of a deep thinker: connecting within to her spirit. This is what the Chinese call our Shen. With Snake, this is more about our own spiritual discoveries and creativity and a desire for inner truth. For this reason, the Snake is often associated with healing: in both eastern and western traditions: think of the rod of Asclepius.

Both the Snake and the Dragon are excellent communicators: the Snake in a quieter way. We often talk about the Snake tongue. This can represent its sudden insights as it moves the tongue out darting and connecting with the outside world. The Snake, like the Dragon,  is self contained and reliant.

Water is the opposite energy of fire so when the Snake is in water, this can control or direct the fire energy. Water brings in a more intuitive or even clairvoyant side to the Snake energy and heightens her healing powers.

Evangelina wrote “The Snake is able to change her skin and create a new one, giving her an opportunity to leave the old one. This is what the new year will bring to us: an opportunity to leave our old habits, thinking, worries and fears (like leaving an old skin) to become new beings. It is the time for renewal!

The Water represents the rebirth, the flexibility and the power to change.

Both, snake and water are a perfect combination for us to re-birth ourselves. “


So enjoy the changed energies of the year, and if you have any other insights to share, please do so.




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