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I haven’t yet had a chance to write my pieces about the Girdle Vessel and its importance and links to ancestral energy. So I thought I would share a haiku reflecting on the energy of our ancestors,  I wrote in the summer (2012) instead. The Japanese link with Haiku seems  appropriate. This was inspired by walking to a stone circle which is on Dartmoor; Scorhill Stone Circle on Gidleigh Common.  It was built in the Bronze age and is considered one of Devon’s finest stone circles. I like to contemplate how people lived in the landscape all those years ago. They would have course had a very different relationship to nature and were much more dependant on its rhythms. This is essentially how natural elements form such a feature of eastern traditions of healing which are such a part of my life. For me these energies are universal and shiatsu and acupressure are not foreign or irrelevant to us. Enjoy.

Stone circle

Stone and sky embrace

Running stars round earth’s circle

Ancestors ignite

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