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Pregnancy Massage Course: 4 day Diploma and 1 day introduction accredited by BCMA

This is for the Glasgow pregnancy massage course with Lucy. You might also be interested in Bristol and London pregnancy massage courses with Suzanne or the New Zealand course with Suzanne . Option to attend first day as introduction: contact Lucy.

You may or may not be working with pregnant women, but you feel that you would like a deeper understanding of how to support women and their families during this exciting time. You may be unsure, or even slightly nervous, of how to work with certain aspects of pregnancy. This pregnancy massage course will give you the confidence to realise the potential of pregnancy massage which is about so much more than simply addressing physical complaints. You will also learn skills for supporting clients to prepare for birth.

You will:

Gain a solid foundation with which to support women and their families during this life changing time with specialised massage skills, along with positioning, postural exercises, breath and visualisations and self care

Understand the body in a way which will enable you to offer holistic support not just for pregnant women and their families, but adding to your skill base for all clients.

Be able to work sensitively with women who may have had more challenging experiences such as miscarriage or issues conceiving or are experiencing higher risk pregnancies.

Learn more about your own connection to pregnancy, your time in the womb and birth, whether or not you have been pregnant.

What you will learn

  • Anatomy and Phyisology of pregnancy and birth in an engaging and practical way
  • How to work at all stages of pregnancy, birth and into the postnatal period
  • How to support common complaints of pregnancy
  • New massage techniques for the back and spine
  • How to work with the pregnant abdomen safely and creatively
  • Massage techniques for preparing for birth and for use during birth
  • How to massage in the side, seated and all fours position on the table and floor and adapt to different clients’ needs
  • Shiatsu/acupressure points and connections relevant for maternity
  • How the eastern model of the body as a garden, supports the pregnant woman on all levels
  • How to include key postural exercises to reduce common complaints of pregnancy
  • How to support the mother’s connection with her baby and partner and be aware of the emotional changes as well as the physical, helping prepare her for birth and motherhood
  • How to tailor treatments to the individual needs of clients
  • To develop your own style, building on your current skills
  • How to work safely with higher risk clients
  • Breathing and visualisations
  • What is your role as a maternity therapist and your relationship with midwives and obstetricians
  • Creating a relevant pregnancy consultation form

A respected and rigorous pregnancy massage course

Running since 1999, this pregnancy massage course covers all you need to know to be able to safely and effectively work with pregnant women, low and higher risk, at all stages of pregnancy and preparing for birth.  During the pregnancy massage course you will work with a pregnant woman and after the course there is a 6 month period of consolidation through supervised case study and project work. This will enable you to integrate the new techniques with your current way of massaging, which may include reflexology, aromatherapy or Thai Massage. After receiving the Diploma you can feel confident that you have one of the most rigorous pregnancy massage qualifications in the world. You will be able to say that you specialise in working with pregnant women and go on the Wellmother register.

This pregnancy massage course is accredited by the BCMA and gives you a firm foundation for maternity work. After attending this pregnancy massage course you can choose to attend birth, or postnatal courses either in person or on line.


Available languages

  • English

Dates and location

  • Charing Cross, Glasgow G3 7DS: first day can be taken as an introduction
    15/02/2024 - 18/02/2024


Lucy Trend

Lucy teaches massage and pregnancy and midwives courses in Scotland

Accrediting bodies

Entrance Requirements

  • Recognised qualification in Massage or Aromatherapy (which includes A&P Level 3) with (ideally) 100 hours post qualifying experience. If you do not have this number of clinic hours, contact us to discuss. We want to make sure you are confident with your current massage skills and ready to learn new ones.

  • Access to pregnant women for case studies

  • Up to date insurance

Supporting material

Pregnancy and Childbirth: a holistic approach to massage and bodywork

Suzanne Yates

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£565 early booking price (pay in full eight weeks before course)
Full price £595
You can do the first day as an introduction
In the price is included access to the "Supporting Pregnancy with Shiatsu and Massage" online course. Access granted on receipt of full payment.

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working to support pregnant women is such a rewarding experience and draws on so many of your tools

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