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Happy new Chinese year of the Black Rabbit 2023

A year of good fortune and charm? What do you want to let go of from last year of the…

Bringing the outside back to the core:  Qiao (Heel) and Wei (Linking)

This is the second part of a two part article I wrote for the Shiatsu Society Journal in 2017. First…

Sea and rocks

The Eight Extraordinary Vessels: a family of wholeness and connection

This was published in the Shiatsu Society Journal in February 2017 as a 2 part article. Here is part 1….

Fire with candles

Does your fire light you up or burn you out?

Written by Rosa Lia, massage therapist, yoga teacher and Wellmother associate. We will be teaching together on the June women’s…


Happy new year of the Yang Water Tiger – invite in your passion and purpose   

The beginning of a new year is an invitation to welcome in the new and let go of the old….

Remembering our connection to the earth – viruses and bacteria are our friends

In this blog, I explore how our connection to the earth has affected our immune system and how to develop…

river plans

Coming into being: our development in the womb and the Extraordinary Vessels

This blog is about how the Extraordinary Vessels can be seen as being important at the beginning of life. I…

The 8 Extraordinary Vessels: Whole and self contained

I have been busy teaching so apologies for the delay in this next Blog on the Extraordinary vessels and our…

spring blossom

Spring – Yang rising and mothering ourselves and the earth

I wish you all a wonderful Spring equinox, if you live in the northern hemisphere, albeit a few days late….

Que’est-ce que le shiatsu ?

Qu’est-ce que le shiatsu ? Dans ce blog, je vais explorer ce qu’est le shiatsu, comment il fonctionne et ce…