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 Shiatsu Treatments  to Help Japan Tsunami Crisis

Lots of practitioners throughout the UK, and indeed throughout the world,  have decided to donate their expertise for free in order to raise money for the Japanese.

We are doing this because we value the richness of the learning that we have received from Japan and we want to support our fellow humans in their time of suffering.

Shiatsu developed originally in Japan. It is a form of therapeutic touch and  includes appropriate pressure on specific Acupressure points and gentle stretches of meridian pathways. The aim of it is  to support the body, by releasing tension and promoting relaxation. It stimulates the deep organic nervous system, and aims to improve general well-being. Regular treatments can be beneficial as part of supporting emotional and physical well being.

In the UK, the fundraising events are organised by the Shiatsu for Japan Campaign . Practitioners will be offering sessions and all proceeds will be donated to Rose Charities (, a charity funding medical aid to the victims of the Tsunami.

I will be taking part in the Bristol event which is at the Relaxation Centre, All Saints Road, Clifton, Bristol on Saturday 23rd April from 10-5. I will be working from 12-5. To book your session in Bristol call/text  07789 200685 or email:

  Upcoming event:  Shiatsu Roadshow for Air Ambulance

Watch out for this event which will be happening this June/July

This is a Shiatsu tour to introduce Shiatsu to various locations in the country with the proceeds going to support the Air Ambulance.

It will be in Bristol on 30th June and I hope to be there offering sessions.



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