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Deepening into your Extraordinary Cycle – online sessions from 26th January to 18th February 2021


4 weeks online small group with 2 individual sessions with Suzanne included (online or in person depending on where you live!) Open to anyone who registered for the Extraordinary Women’s Cycles course (July – September)

This is a small group of up to 12 and includes 2 individual sessions (about one hour)  with Suzanne  – one in the week or two before the course and the other the week or two after. This will give the opportunity to work on your specific issues within the cycles with more tailored guidance.

I propose Zoom sessions as alternating Tuesdays and Thursdays, 19h00 – 20h00, but once group is finalised we can take a poll of best evenings and times.

We will explore the key phases of – releasing, visioning, gathering in and nourishing (regeneration) and manifesting


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