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Dorking nr London

Nicola runs Wellmother foundation workshops in the UK

Nicola practises Shiatsu in SW London and in Dorking, Surrey. After studying with Wellmother, she developed her practice with pregnant and post-natal women. However she also found the Extraordinary Vessels to be very effective for most Shiatsu sessions. Though she works with a wide range of health issues, she has had a great interest in supporting women’s health in relation to their monthly cycles. She runs Wellmother foundation workshops in the UK, which introduce the Extraordinary Vessels and their use in supporting fertility, a healthy menstrual cycle and the transition into menopause.

Nicola’s story

Nicola discovered Shiatsu, when she volunteered to receive Shiatsu in 1988.She found the experience of Shiatsu much more transformative and profound than any other form of therapy she had tried, whether body or mind based. She specifically appreciated the quality of touch and how much is communicated without words.

During the Wellmother postgraduate maternity care course, Nicola did her project on how Shiatsu can support menstrual cycle issues. Once she had completed her teacher training, she developed a workshop on Shiatsu for the menstrual cycle, for Shiatsu practitioners. This opened up a place to share more experiences with other women and practitioners and has been a very rewarding learning experience. The original menstrual workshop has now evolved to include fertility and the menopause and is open to Wellmother bodyworkers as well as Shiatsu practitioners.

During her own pregnancy and labour, Nicola found the knowledge gained through her training with Wellmother invaluable, as well as her experience of giving Shiatsu to pregnant and post-natal mothers. Though she had her first born in her forties, she was able to have a home birth, supported by an independent midwife and her husband. She is inspired to help other women benefit from the Wellmother approach and feels quite passionate about supporting each individual woman’s wisdom and choices during their pregnancy and labour.


Nicola’s qualifications

Nicola studied Shiatsu for five years, three years with the European School of Shiatsu then a further two years with Sonia Moriceau . She qualified as a Shiatsu practitioner in 1994 with the Healing Shiatsu Education Centre and also became a member of the Register of the Shiatsu Society (MRSS).

In 2003 she completed a one year postgraduate course in Shiatsu for maternity care with Wellmother.

In 2006, Nicola qualified as a Wellmother teacher having completed a one year training programme. In 2009 Nicola became a registered Shiatsu teacher with the Shiatsu Society MRSS(T).

Nicola is also a martial arts teacher and is a 3rd Dan in Aikido and Kenjutsu.