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Johanna Garnitschnig



Johanna teaches in Austria and German speaking countries and assists and translates in Austria for Suzanne

As pregnancy is an important and often challenging period of change in women´s lives, I find Shiatsu a wonderful holistic treatment which includes physical and psychological as well as spiritual aspects. Since my first course with Suzanne in 2000 the support of women in pregnancy has become more and more the main focus of my work. I appreciate the Well Mother approach, finding it very important and helpful to have knowledge of eastern and western theories, ways of thinking and methods of treatment. Working the Extraordinary vessels has opened new dimensions to me. Experiencing how helpful the Well Mother approach is in maternity, I like passing it on to other Shiatsu practitioners and professionals who work in the maternity field.


I qualified as a Shiatsu practitioner at the European Shiatsu Institute (E.S.I.) in Austria and Germany in 1998. Two years later I started the Well Mother diploma course. Since 2011 I assist and translate on Suzanne´s courses in Vienna. In 2014 I became a Well Mother Assistant Teacher. I teach Shiatsu practitioners in Austria and Hungary and midwives in Austria.


At the same time I started my Shiatsu training, I began to study psychology at the University of Vienna. After my degree I did a postgraduate programme in health and clinical psychology. For more than ten years I worked as a psychologist in the social sector.


In my Shiatsu practice in Vienna I enjoy accompanying and supporting women before and during pregnancy, in birth preparation and the postnatal period.