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Paris, France

Assistant, teacher of foundation day and organiser of maternity courses in Paris

I  love working with shiatsu and I also include work with auryvedic massage in my treatments. Working with pregnant and birthing women is my passion! I attended Suzanne’s first course in France in 2006  and was so inspired by her approach, which was exactly what I wanted to do with shiatsu, that I started organising and attending Suzanne’s shiatsu training in Paris from December 2006. I now assist her in this training and also in the Shiatsu for midwives courses which run in Paris. I teach the foundation days for shiatsu practitioners in Paris. I was fortunate enough to take over Aline’s work at Pithviers with Sylvie Allard. I share a clinic with two midwives in Paris and do shiatsu and auryvedic massage, which I also teach.