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I would like to share this poem written by my colleague and former student, Hannah Mackay, wonderful Shiatsu practitioner based in Manchester. It was  written during her pregnancy.

30 weeks

Every day with you is special –

Take the time to feel it.

Living with a

Night-time trampolinist,

Eel in a lobster pot,

Sackful of snakes.

Twist and turner,

Hide and sleeper,

Busy growing,

Doing your own thing

And mine.

You and me

We like chocolate and milk,

Bowls of peas,

And bags of fruit.

We like swimming

And dancing

And staying at home on our own.

Being with you brings changes to the world.

Boundaries blur –

Waking by night,

Sleeping by day.

Horizons contract

As my body expands.

Roads lengthen,

Stairs steepen.

Important Things shrink back –

Leave the washing in the rain,

The letters on the mat.

Too busy knitting,

Sewing buttons,

Napping with you.

Hannah Mackay

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