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Wellmother was established by Suzanne Yates (link to page about me) in Bristol 1990 to offer a holistic approach based on supportive touch, for women, babies and families preparing for, during the maternity period and beyond.  Suzanne has written three books and since 2006 has been building an experienced team of teachers.

The Wellmother approach

Relaxing and enjoyable touch such as massage or shiatsu (link to what is shiatsu) is the basis of our approach. We find that it enables women, and their partners, to listen to their bodies and babies, and discover their inner wisdom and strength. We want to see massage and shiatsu taking their place as a core part  of 21st century maternity care.

Why is touch so important? (link to longer blog page)

Our first experience of life is through touch: the first sense to develop in the womb from eight weeks old. Touch is a powerful tool to help us connect not just with our physical body, but our whole experience of life, our emotions and why we are here.

Shiatsu and massage offer a powerful combination of nurturing touch, breathing/visualisations, exercise and postural awareness. This nurturing touch can ease physical and emotional dis-ease and help us become more aware of our body, which is especially powerful for a pregnant woman and her baby. It also offers powerful tools for connecting a woman with her baby and her partner.

Breathing, visualisations and exercise support shiatsu and massage

Breathing and visualisations support the touch work and Hypno birthing testifies to their efficacy during pregnancy and birth. We use powerful breathing techniques based on Eastern traditions with many visualisations based in nature (link to blogs) to help the mother be more relaxed and connected with herself, as well as her baby and partner.

Exercise and postural awareness help support the mother’s body in the changes she is experiencing and prepare her body for birth and the postnatal period.